Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Yarn Wall Art Kit

Our next Art Kit is one of my favorite projects, and so different from the messy, paint filled ones that you can usually find in the studio...

These pieces take on a whole new level of creative thinking and exploration. 
With different colors, textures, beads, and ties, this project is captivating for lots of different ages.

Here's the deal:
Kits are $25 and will be available for local Lodi and Roseville pick up and we are now offering shipping! Yay! So for my non local friends...these are for you. 
Shipping ranges between $5 to $10 depending on location.

Kits include:
-lots of yarn in various colors and styles
-and access to an instructional video to teach you 
how we makes these fun pieces of art!


To order, email Hayley at seehaypaint@gmail.com
and let me know how many kits, which color palette, and which name/word you'd like for your alphabet beads.

Inspiration for color palettes are below, but we can customize almost anything to your liking.


Friday, April 17, 2020

see.hay.paint on the news!

Last week, I was contacted by a photojournalist with Fox 40 Sacramento asking if I would be interested in being interviewed in regards to COVID-19 and the effects on small businesses. 
She did a wonderful job of showcasing our Easter themed Take Home Kits, and I'm so happy that this little business of mine got some attention!

Did you happen to see it? If not, we have it here forever: 

Friday, April 10, 2020

Self Portrait Collages

I am so excited to introduce what quite possibly could be my all time FAVORITE Art Camp!
I gathered inspiration from Meri Cherry's studio for this project and love everything about it. I love the color, the layers, and most importantly, the unique and stunning final product that was created by my awesome kiddos!

These classes took place back in January 2020, before we've had to cancel in person Art Camps due to Covid-19. These will 100% be back on the calendar once we are able to reopen the studio.

We used an art board, and at the end added matting to frame it and really make the piece pop!

This project focused on layers and texture!
We used oil pastels first, and spray painted with liquid watercolors to create a fun background.
Scrapbook paper, washi tape, and stickers added more dimension to our pieces before adding the black and white photographs.

The only initial prep I did for this project was printing and cutting out black and white "selfies" of the kids for them to then glue down on their mixed media collage.

To finish it off, we used 3D alphabet stickers to spell out our names on our beautiful pieces!

There is so much that I love about this project...seeing how confident these kids are while creating something so open-ended, watching them work together and blend ideas, materials, and creativity simultaneously...it's quite magical! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Pop Up Art Shop & COVID-19 Update

Hello art friends near and far...

We are almost through the month of March and saying things have changed would be an understatement. Our full Spring schedule of art classes and events has been postponed for the foreseeable future, and the idea of not seeing my art camp kiddos for months is devastating.

In order to continue to bring art to the community, and especially to my Art Camp families that have preregistered for classes, I have decided to set up a second Pop Up Art Shop!

Last weekend, I did this here in Lodi and it was a success for all of us!
I was able to have all preregistered Art Camp families pick up their kits for our March themed classes. This kit includes everything we would have used in our in-person class, modified for your child to create at home. Paint, glue, embellishments, brushes, and instructions.

At this time, I have six kits available for purchase, if you have not preregistered. 
These kits are $25 and come in three different themes: Rainbow Unicorns, Dragon Castles, and Turtle Seascapes. If you would like one for you or your child, please email or call.

At the Lodi Pop Up, I also had kits available that were geared towards my younger Art Camps and toddlers.  Smaller (washable) paint kits, sensory play dough kits, and mixed media art kits.
These will all be available at the Roseville Pop Up.
If you would like more information and location, please reach out via email or text.

Below is a closer look of kits available for you and your family.
Sensory Play Dough Kits: $15
 Gluten free options are available for pre-order only.

Mixed Media Monogram: $20
Pre-orders only. Includes canvas, plaint, brush, embellishments, and custom monogram.

Mini Paint Kits: $10
Includes art board and matting, paint, brush, and glitter.

Mixed Media Art Boards: $15
Includes art board, matting, paints, brush, glue, and embellishments.

To preorder, please contact me for Venmo instructions or invoicing.
Thank you all for your support and patience as we navigate this next chapter of See.Hay.Paint 

Saturday, January 4, 2020

January + February Art Camps 2020

Happy New Year!
I'm not sure I really subscribe to resolutions, but in the spirit of fresh starts I am going to attempt to keep this blog a bit more current. My goal is to post once a month and if it happens to be more frequently than that, great! But I want to connect and deliver through this space so I'd like to hold myself accountable. 

With that being said, here are the upcoming January and February Art Camp schedules!

We will be creating these rad, textured, unique self portraits [inspired by Meri Cherry] on two separate occasions.

LODI: Saturday, January 18th from 10:00-11:30
ROSEVILLE: Saturday, January 25th from 9:30-11:00
ages 5+ 


LODI: Saturday, February 8th from 10:00-11:30
ROSEVILLE: Sunday, February 9th from 9:30-11:00
ages 3.5+ 

all Art Camps are $25/child
fee includes all materials, instruction, and a small snack

spaces limited; spots can be reserved via Venmo: @seehaypaint
or shoot over an email: seehaypaint@gmail.com
for an invoice!

Friday, August 23, 2019

a peek into my studio...

As summer comes to an end, I always love to share what I have been up to in my studio!
Unsurprisingly to no one, there was a lot of color, glitter, and love to be found.

xo, hay.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Classroom Favorites Round Up!

Since I have been teaching far longer than I have been using Social Media (shocking--I know!) a lot of my absolute favorite projects were recorded with only one, tiny picture.

Regardless, I wanted to compile a list of current classroom favorites that can be adapted for and presented to children of all ages!

An open invitation of liquid watercolors is always a "go to" in my classroom! Forget prompts and themes, kids love to just explore as the water trails across the paper.

Basic printmaking!  The ones shown above were made by simply dipping wooden building blocks into paint, and then transferring it to cardboard. You can find more printmaking for children in this post here.

Oil pastel and watercolor relief is one of my all time favorite things to do in the art room! 
Like stated above, liquid watercolors are easy and beautiful! Add oil pastels outlines onto the paper first, and you've got a piece that POPS! We used Heater Galler and her whimsical floral still life paintings as a reference for these colorful, springtime pretties.

Wether they are creating their own art, or referencing Van Gogh & Monet, metallic puffy paint adds a layer of texture and dimensional to traditional acrylic paintings on canvas!

Imagination Collages: a simple prompt that includes finding interesting scenes or objects from magazines and creating an entirely new picture with drawing. In this piece, a student selected the woman's torso that I had cut out, and glued it in the middle creating a colorful mermaid in an underwater scene.

Artist Studies! I have a an entire post on implementing Art History & Appreciation into children's curriculum on it's way, but for now, here is a lookout some of our favorite interpretations of classic artists works.
Jasper Johns Abstracts + Hidden Words

Picasso Faces: oil pastel and watercolor relief art, again!

Pointillism created with Q-tips!
Some of them decided to recreate famous masterpieces...can you spot them?

Dia de los Muertos Altars
Where Art History and cultural significance collide.

Kandinsky's famous circles!
These were created with just acrylic paint on canvas board.

Stay tuned for another rendition of classroom favorites, as well as some of our favorite Art Camp projects!