Sunday, July 29, 2018

Art Camp: Glass Vases!

 I knew that for our Mother's Day art camp, I wanted to have the kids create something that would showcase their creativity, while also serving as a beautiful keepsake. Not that their art isn't already a beautiful keepsake in itself...we needed something new!

I had about three cases of empty wine bottles from the studio and spray painted them white prior to camp to make sure the art would POP! We used acrylic paints and let the kids go wild with their designs. 

Before we started, I asked the little artists to think of what they would like to paint.
I asked them if they'd be basing it off of a famous painting we had studied, or maybe they just wanted to use Mom's favorite colors?
Once they had their idea, we loaded up a palette with the colors they would need!
We used acrylic paint for this project since it is permanent and dries quickly.

We had a version of "Starry Night" and Monet's famous "Bridge Over Water Lillies" along side thumbprint ladybugs, and handprints as flowers! Others went full abstract and then added a handprint on top once their first layer dried.

I loved all of the creativity and planning that went into this project, and how each one was so unique!
The children were so proud of their masterpieces.

I even joined in the fun and used my Frida bottle as an example, and later as a gift to my own Mama! 

This project was super easy and fun, and left me wanting to create even more vases for myself and others :)

Once they were dry, we tied on a little note that the children wrote, and I sprayed the bottles with a clear top coat as to not chip. They picked one flower from the garden and placed it in the vase to hand over to mom when they were picked up! 


I loved seeing them create these pieces, and seeing how excited these mamas were to receive a vase!

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