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I'm Hayley, an artist, instructor, world traveler, photographer, and lover of all things colorful.

My journey into the art world started as a small child finger painting in the backyard + ruining the walls of my childhood home with oil pastels...and my parents encouraging it! I continued down the artistic road through high school, where I fell in love with ceramics, Art History, and design, alongside my passion for painting. 
Later in life as a young adult, I spent almost 10 years in a classroom teaching preschool and found that when you expose children to art, their entire world opens up! 
I took this to the next level and started primarily teaching art to children in preschool through 5th grade before creating my own brand and teaching privately in my home studio; branching out to teaching painting to adults as well.

My passion lies in teaching, clearly, but I also love to create my own art when I am not fostering the creative process in others. My personal art style can be described as bold, colorful, and BIG! I find that creating pieces that serve as design focal points in a room, or spur up a conversation on color theory, bring me the most joy. I am always finding new inspiration from the world around me + my travels, and from other inspiring artists...including my students! 

see.hay.paint is a collection of art projects for children and teaching resources, my personal exhibitions and sales, upcoming events, and more!

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stay messy, my friends!

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